Republican Party of PA | The Office of the Communications Director News Briefing | 04/29/2019

Here are today’s news brief headlines of interest. Click Read More below to read the articles.


Here are today’s news brief headlines of interest. Click Read More below to read the articles.

  • Republican Party of Pennsylvania, Val DiGiorgio, PA GOP Chairman’s Update – April 28, 2019
  • Republican Party of Pennsylvania, Press Release, ICYMI: Chester County Deputy DA Megan McCarthy King on Superior Court bid – “I am a law and order person that will uphold the constitution and the laws as they are written”
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Linda Wilson Fuoco & Richard Lord, House Speaker Turzai’s lawsuit seeks to stop county Redevelopment Authority from tapping fund
  • WITF, Susan Phillips, Suburban Philadelphia state senators seek answers from DEP chief over Mariner East pipeline
  • Associated Press, Staff Reports, Court strikes down state tax on casinos to aid other casinos


  • USA Today, Ryan Miller, Funeral service for San Diego synagogue victim who shielded rabbi to be held Monday, and more updates
  • Fox News, Gregg Re, Barr spars with Nadler, threatens to skip testimony after dispute over hearing format
  • NY Daily News, Brian Niemietz, Trump agreed to pay N. Korea for the release of Otto Warmbier, then stiffed them, according to National Security Adviser John Bolton
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U.S. Rep. John Joyce on Mueller Report: “The case is closed.”

As reported by Penn Live:

Freshman Congressman John Joyce, R-Blair County, has offered one of the Pennsylvania delegation’s most pro-President Donald J. Trump takes to date on the newly-released Mueller Report on Russian interference in the 2016 American presidential campaign.

“The case is closed. It is now our duty as members of Congress to move on and get back to work for the American people and address important issues like the crisis at the southern border, which I witnessed first-hand this week.” Read More.


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Republican Party of PA | Bi-Weekly Messaging | 04/08/2019

Here are today’s news brief headlines of interest. Click Read More below to read the articles.


  • There is a National Security and Humanitarian Crisis at the Border
  • President Trump Announces Kevin McAleenan as Acting DHS Secretary (via the White House)
  • March Jobs Report
  • President Trump Is Taking Bold Action To Stop The Opioid Crisis
  • Healthcare That Works For All Americans
  • The FIRST STEP Act: A Bipartisan Win For President Trump
  • Mueller Report Shows No Collusion, No Obstruction
  • 2020 Dems Struggle Out Of The Gate


  • Border Security
    • President @realdonaldtrump is committed to securing the border and stopping the flow of drugs, crime, and human trafficking coming across our southern border! [insert Democrats Turn Blind Eye To The Crisis At The Border research piece]
    • Walls work! RT to show support for President @realdonaldtrump’s strong efforts towards our nation’s safety and security!
    • Each week, approximately 300 Americans die from heroin overdoses, of which nearly 90% comes across our southern border. It’s time for @Rep/SenX to realize we have a crisis at the border.


    • Under @realdonaldtrump’s leadership, our economy is reaching heights never before seen!
    • From middle-class tax cuts to supporting small businesses, President @realdonaldtrump’s plan is working for StateX’s families!
    • .@realdonaldtrump is committed to stopping illegal immigration, human trafficking, and the flow of drugs and crime! Are you, @Rep/SenX?
    • Under @realdonaldtrump, America is on the path to greatness!
    • Thank you, President @realdonaldtrump, for fighting for pro-growth policies that have put America first!
    • While @Rep/SenX has tried to obstruct America’s progress, President @realdonaldtrump has ushered our nation into a new era of greatness!

    Opioid Crisis

    • President @realdonaldtrump has taken bold action to stop the damage of opioids and will continue to fight to improve public health of the people in our country
    • The number of opioids prescribed has decreased by nearly 20 percent thanks to @realdonaldtrump!
    • Thank you @realdonaldtrump for recognizing that the opioid crisis is a national emergency that affects millions of Americans and their families!
    • @realdonaldtrump is taking bold action to stop the opioid crisis, which claims 70,000 lives a year!
    • President @realdonaldtrump is committed to combating the Opioid Crisis! [insert “President Trump is Committed to Combating the Opioid Crisis” graphic]
    • President @realdonaldtrump is Leading the Fight Against the Opioid Crisis on the World Stage! [insert “One in Four Overdoses in the United States are Caused by Fentanyl” graphic]


    • President @realdonaldtrump is fighting to fix our broken healthcare system!
    • Obamacare: Higher costs, fewer options, and worse care. In other words, a complete disaster!
    • Democrats want a $32 trillion complete government takeover of our healthcare system that rips American off their private plans and destroys Medicare our seniors rely on. Do you agree, @RepX/SenX?

    Criminal Justice

    • President @realdonaldtrump is committed to making our communities safer and our justice system fairer! [insert Safe, Strong, and Proud America graphic]
    • The FIRST STEP Act is the most meaningful criminal justice reform in a generation!

    Mueller Report

    • Two Years + Tens of Millions of Tax Dollars = Witch Hunt
    • After nearly two years, the Mueller Report has returned a verdict: No collusion. Read more via @RNCResearch [Link RNC Research Piece]
    • .@CNN reports: “A Win For This President” [link CNN video]
    • The Mueller Report confirmed what we already knew: There was no collusion.
    • .@RepX/SenX owes StateX an apology for the needless investigations and taxpayer funds used on this witch hunt.
    • While @RepX/SenX spent years obstructing and embarrassing themselves, President @RealDonaldTrump has led our nation to unprecedented heights!
    • 121 Interviews/Testimonies, 53 Document Requests, and 28 hearings later, the conclusion remains the same: NO COLLUSION

    Green New Deal

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