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Adams County Republican Committee | PO Box 3415, Gettysburg, PA 17325 | 717-338-9085

2021 GOP Primary Election Candidates

Adams County Row Offices

Sheriff James Muller


Treasurer Crissy Redding


Clerk of Courts Kelly Lawver


Magisterial District Judge for District 51-3-02

Christopher Snyder


State Judges

PA Supreme Court Justice

Judge Kevin Brobson


PA Supreme Court Justice

PA Superior Court Justice

Megan Sullivan


Judge Drew Compton


Stacy Wallace


Registered Republican Candidates for School Board

Know Before Your Vote:  Registered Republican Candidates for School Board

Candidates for school board and school director are permitted by state law to “cross-file” their names on both the Republican and Democrat Primary Ballots.  The Adams County Republican Committee will only post the names of candidates who are registered Republican Voters in Adams County and encourages you to vote only for these candidates.  Over-all they are true, registered Republicans and conservative thinkers who want to see their schools fully open, fully operational, and do not like current trends in education in Biden’s America.

Bermudian Springs School District

Mary R. Kemper – Region II
David A. Reinecker – Region II
Jennifer Goldhahn – Region III
Daniel Chubb – Region III
Stanley Weilder (Write-in) – Region III

Conewago Valley School District

Luke M. Crabill – Region I
Melanie Ann Sauter – Region I
Eric M. Flickinger – Region II
Jeffrey J. Kindschuh – Region II
Michael L. Buckley – Region III

Fairfield Area School District

Matthew A. Degennaro
Candace L. Ferguson-Miller
Jack A. Liller
Richard A Phillip

Gettysburg Area School District

Jeremy L. Davis
Kenneth R. Hassinger
Ryan J. Morris
Michelle E. Smyers

Littlestown Area School District

Nicki Kenny
Scott Autrey (Write-in)

Upper Adams School District

Bruce A. Hollabaugh
James D. Lady
Ernie Ney (Write-in)

*Maximize Your Vote’s Effectiveness by ONLY voting for the GOP Candidate Listed