/, news/Republican Party of PA | Bi-Weekly Messaging | 04/08/2019

Republican Party of PA | Bi-Weekly Messaging | 04/08/2019

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  • There is a National Security and Humanitarian Crisis at the Border
  • President Trump Announces Kevin McAleenan as Acting DHS Secretary (via the White House)
  • March Jobs Report
  • President Trump Is Taking Bold Action To Stop The Opioid Crisis
  • Healthcare That Works For All Americans
  • The FIRST STEP Act: A Bipartisan Win For President Trump
  • Mueller Report Shows No Collusion, No Obstruction
  • 2020 Dems Struggle Out Of The Gate


  • Border Security
    • President @realdonaldtrump is committed to securing the border and stopping the flow of drugs, crime, and human trafficking coming across our southern border! [insert Democrats Turn Blind Eye To The Crisis At The Border research piece]
    • Walls work! RT to show support for President @realdonaldtrump’s strong efforts towards our nation’s safety and security!
    • Each week, approximately 300 Americans die from heroin overdoses, of which nearly 90% comes across our southern border. It’s time for @Rep/SenX to realize we have a crisis at the border.


    • Under @realdonaldtrump’s leadership, our economy is reaching heights never before seen!
    • From middle-class tax cuts to supporting small businesses, President @realdonaldtrump’s plan is working for StateX’s families!
    • .@realdonaldtrump is committed to stopping illegal immigration, human trafficking, and the flow of drugs and crime! Are you, @Rep/SenX?
    • Under @realdonaldtrump, America is on the path to greatness!
    • Thank you, President @realdonaldtrump, for fighting for pro-growth policies that have put America first!
    • While @Rep/SenX has tried to obstruct America’s progress, President @realdonaldtrump has ushered our nation into a new era of greatness!

    Opioid Crisis

    • President @realdonaldtrump has taken bold action to stop the damage of opioids and will continue to fight to improve public health of the people in our country
    • The number of opioids prescribed has decreased by nearly 20 percent thanks to @realdonaldtrump!
    • Thank you @realdonaldtrump for recognizing that the opioid crisis is a national emergency that affects millions of Americans and their families!
    • @realdonaldtrump is taking bold action to stop the opioid crisis, which claims 70,000 lives a year!
    • President @realdonaldtrump is committed to combating the Opioid Crisis! [insert “President Trump is Committed to Combating the Opioid Crisis” graphic]
    • President @realdonaldtrump is Leading the Fight Against the Opioid Crisis on the World Stage! [insert “One in Four Overdoses in the United States are Caused by Fentanyl” graphic]


    • President @realdonaldtrump is fighting to fix our broken healthcare system!
    • Obamacare: Higher costs, fewer options, and worse care. In other words, a complete disaster!
    • Democrats want a $32 trillion complete government takeover of our healthcare system that rips American off their private plans and destroys Medicare our seniors rely on. Do you agree, @RepX/SenX?

    Criminal Justice

    • President @realdonaldtrump is committed to making our communities safer and our justice system fairer! [insert Safe, Strong, and Proud America graphic]
    • The FIRST STEP Act is the most meaningful criminal justice reform in a generation!

    Mueller Report

    • Two Years + Tens of Millions of Tax Dollars = Witch Hunt
    • After nearly two years, the Mueller Report has returned a verdict: No collusion. Read more via @RNCResearch [Link RNC Research Piece]
    • .@CNN reports: “A Win For This President” [link CNN video]
    • The Mueller Report confirmed what we already knew: There was no collusion.
    • .@RepX/SenX owes StateX an apology for the needless investigations and taxpayer funds used on this witch hunt.
    • While @RepX/SenX spent years obstructing and embarrassing themselves, President @RealDonaldTrump has led our nation to unprecedented heights!
    • 121 Interviews/Testimonies, 53 Document Requests, and 28 hearings later, the conclusion remains the same: NO COLLUSION

    Green New Deal

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