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State of the Union Address

With an agenda benefiting Americans throughout Pennsylvania, President Trump has launched our nation to new heights, bringing jobs back to our country like never seen before while also supporting hardworking citizens at home and members of our armed forces serving overseas.  His plan for our nation has made our country stronger with an enhanced military, fortified Supreme Court, and a new passion for supporting small businesses and working class families.  America is better off thanks to President Trump, and tonight’s address relayed a thorough, comprehensive, and impressive blueprint to continue this success.

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Tonight’s #SOTU outlined a vision for a safe, strong, and proud America!

Under @realdonaldtrump’s leadership, our economy is reaching heights never before seen! #SOTU

RT to show support for @realdonaldtrump’s plan for America’s success! #SOTU

@realdonaldtrump is bringing new solutions to the table to build new coalitions. America is choosing greatness with @realdonaldtrump! #SOTU https://gop.com/two-years-of-monumental-accomplishments-maga-rsr/

@realdonaldtrump has set America on the path to greatness! Thank you for your strong leadership! #SOTU https://gop.com/two-years-of-monumental-accomplishments-maga-rsr/